Hungry Moose Market & Deli

Employment Opportunities: Deli Manager


Managerial experience in food service. Knowledge and experience with food preparation.


This is an excellent opportunity for a self-motivated, creative person to work closely with the owners to set up the kitchen, develop the menu, hire and train kitchen staff, establish efficient deli employee schedules, and essentially establish the new deli.


Full-time, 40+ hours per week, weekend & evening work required.


  • Help develop and implement the initial menu including breakfast, sandwiches, soups, salads, deli salads, evening dinner specials, coffee and drinks.
  • Help organize the kitchen and establish opening and closing procedures so the kitchen runs efficiently and smoothly on a daily basis.
  • Help establish schedules for kitchen staff so there are the right number of people working at all times. This includes improving schedules to eliminate overtime and adding extra shifts during high seasons.
  • Use leadership ability to motivate staff and provide good communications so everyone in the kitchen at the Hungry Moose is happy.
  • Help establish policies and schedules to keep all equipment and fixtures in a clean, well-serviced condition and see that all employees maintain all supplies in a neat organized fashion.
  • Order products on a regular schedule to eliminate out of stock items such as food, paper goods, and cleaning supplies.
  • Help establish policies to maintain the highest level of sanitation in the kitchen and be responsible for the inspection with the health department including immediate correction of any areas in violation.
  • Inventory of all kitchen department items
  • Control of food cost at all levels of production
  • Control and budget labor cost
  • Maintain and improve the department margin
  • Attend managers meetings and organize kitchen staff meetings as needed
  • Help plan and direct store promotions and menus for holidays and high seasons
  • Responsible for vendor price comparison on a regular basis to insure best prices and quality available
  • Responsible for developing new recipes and setting prices for items based on cost
  • Help develop budgets and sales projections and meet objectives including monthly sales, margins and labor costs
  • Strive to increase kitchen sales
  • Develop and implement accurate procedures and controls for buying, pricing and discarding products to prevent loss and shrink and to assure customers the freshest products
  • Be on guard against pilferage from vendors, customers, and employees and help develop programs to reduce cost from this expense
  • Work on quality control, insure that all products are up to The Hungry Moose Market & Deli’s quality and freshness plus packaged, dated and labeled properly

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