Hungry Moose Market & Deli

Employment Opportunities: Prep Cook


Some experience with food prep. Ideally a "foodie" with a love of preparing fresh, innovative food.


A prep cook at The Hungry Moose Market & Deli Market has a host of responsibilities that is outlined each shift by the deli manager. This job includes prepping all vegetables, meats, sauces, dips, salads and other foods. It may also include preparing soups, deli salads and evening dinner specials. Each prep cook will be provided with a set of tasks to be completed by the end of the workday.


Part time or full time


  • Some kitchen experience
  • Knowledge of slicing, dicing and prepping
  • Complete all sandwich prep that is needed
  • Prep meals
  • Prepare all dips, sauces, deli salads
  • Prepare ready-made sandwiches according to schedule
  • Prepare all vegetables and meats as instructed by deli manager
  • Is comfortable following recipes but not afraid to improvise
  • Is comfortable with kitchen appliances such as food processor, slicer, blender, gas burners, convection oven, chicken rotisserie...
  • Follow all proper labeling and dating procedures to ensure quality and freshness
  • Follow proper thawing, cooling and storing procedures
  • Complete all cleaning duties
  • Check out with deli manager

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