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Wine Club to begin January 2015… sign up via e-mail now !

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You sign up. Name. phone number, credit card information. Once a month on the 15th the Hungry Moose Market & Deli will set aside a bottle of red and a bottle of white with your name on them at the town center store. Your credit card will be charged $35.00/month on the 15th. On the day you pick up your wine you will also receive a 10% discount on any wines you buy that day...

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Starting January 15th, 2015

$35/ month gets you a bottle of red and a bottle of white – I am constantly tasting new wines from different wine distributors and brokers. I always love a new wine made from an unfamiliar grape or new wines from new winemakers from new growing wine areas that you can practically drive to like Walla Walla Washington and the Willamette of Oregon, or new areas of California like Santa Barbara or the Russian River Valley of Sonoma County. I also love old world wines, and South American wines. I will be finding new wines that will turn people’s pallets! And I will be writing about my discoveries on my new wine blog!

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Event Calendar

Join us Thursday, June 20th for Soul Shine starting at 5pm at The Town Center Stage. Food, drinks, festivities, two bands and a celebration of 25 years of The Moose!

MUSIC IN THE MOUNTAINS. Every Thursday at The Town Center Stage